When Wildcat babysits Molly, she convinces him to take her to Thembria to see snow. Thus the era of Donald as a deadbeat duck dad begins. Kit volunteers to babysit Molly while Baloo and Rebecca go shopping. This episode was restricted from syndication for its depiction of war and its unflattering stereotypes of East Asians. He also loses his business to Rebecca Cunningham, a business major who becomes his boss. Rebecca overworks Baloo to the point where he lies to her to get some time off.

When a debonair ghost ship captain sweeps Rebecca off her feet, she enjoys what she thinks is a dream. Don Karnage Title reference: Wanting to cater to only the upper class, Rebecca puts up the Sea Duck as collateral insurance for what appears to be a valuable jewel shipment. Shere Khan and Don Karnage Title reference: Whether you’re a Duck fan from way back eagerly anticipating the upcoming update to the classic NES video game or you wouldn’t know Scrooge’s Number One Dime from any other ten-cent coin, these fun facts from the history of ‘DuckTales’ will get you up to speed while you try to get that catchy theme song out of your head. There’s some debate about whether it’s “cool deduction” or “bold deduction. A case of mistaken identity causes what would have been a routine prisoner transport to become a serious headache for Baloo as he is pursued by both gangsters and the cops. With a flip of her fins, she explores the mysterious fathoms below and helps any creature along the way.

This episode featured the voices of both Alan Roberts and R.

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However, Don Karnage takes advantage of the robot pilot’s 1255 to evade trouble, and it’s up to Baloo to save the day. This episode was restricted from syndication for its depiction of war and its unflattering episodw of East Asians. There’s some debate about whether it’s “cool deduction” or “bold deduction. Baloo inadvertently lets his pilot’s license expire, but has trouble renewing it when his examiner rattles him by requiring him to perform his actions alphabetically. The Sound and the Furry.


Trader Moe Title reference: Select episodes were first aired on The Disney Channel in the spring ofas a preview for the series; these episodes’ Disney Channel airdates are given separately. That one day, however, turns out to be significant as Rebecca then claims that Baloo missed an important delivery to Thembria, and goes along to apologize.


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Meanwhile, Colonel Spigot is instructed to fly a plane but doesn’t know how, and Baloo offers to teach him if he will complete the delivery for him.

High School Confidential Animation: When Baloo learns that all that Molly wants for Christmas is for it to snow for her mom, he takes Kit and Rebecca on a mission to make Molly’s wish come true. The following is an episode list for the Disney animated television series TaleSpin. The lie escalates into a Martian invasion, which quickly becomes complicated when a trigger-happy colonel overhears the conversation over the radio.

Retrieved 12 November Concerned for Baloo as his friend, Rebecca learns that the “accidents” on Kitten’s set are no accidents. Speaking of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, did you ever wonder which nephew is which?


Wildcat and Molly Title reference: Baloo’s bad spelling hampers Rebecca’s attempt to go into the skywriting business. Meanwhile, a notorious criminal episdoe the skywriting to attempt to send coded messages to his henchmen and hold Cape Suzette for ransom. Views Read Edit View history.

Baloo decides to enter an air scavenger taleslin, but only an all-female aviation club will sponsor Higher for Hire, so he disguises himself as a lady to do episoce. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. The Old Man and the Sea Animation: Despite the series’ heavy reliance on the Barks comics for inspiration, a few things were added or changed from the source material.


Eligible if purchased with select payment methods. However, Shere Khan, his longtime rival, has other plans. When it seems they’re headed for the final curtain, cool deduction never fails, that’s for certain. Episodes [ edit ] No. Don Karnage [1] [2] [3] [4] Title reference: Don 1225 and Shere Khan Title reference: Barks even has a writing credit on some episodes like ‘Back to the Klondike’ that are directly adapted from his stories.

But did you know that there are four different versions of it? A comic ran shortly and was discontinued as well.

Baloo has to evade air pirates, get the Sea Duck back, and find out who this mysterious pilot really is. Get ready for a fortune of fun with DuckTales! Trouble is, it significantly lowers business for Louie, who starts his own rival station to compete, and Baloo and Kit are caught in the middle.

Before Ariel got her happily-ever-after, she was living under the sea with her family and fishy friends, Sebastian and Flounder. When Rebecca wins a contest, she has Baloo mail talewpin winning ticket for her.

Baloo finds the legendary “Panda-La” a reference to Shangri-Laa mystical place, where he is warmly received.